One Month to Book Launch!

Mark your calendars! On February 13, 2024, our highly anticipated book is finally going live! It’s an electrifying moment we’ve all been eagerly awaiting. Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of captivating thoughts and riveting narratives. Don’t miss out on the excitement! Reaching this milestone has been an immense journey of mind, heart, […]

Observant, Decisive, Deliberate

There are certain moments in our lives that will shape who we are going to be. Define who we will become. One of the things in life that passes us by every single moment and cannot be regained is TIME. So, pay attention to detail, be deliberate, and act decisively. Doing these consistently changes outcomes, […]

Make Understanding Matter

Last November I read an article from NRC Health: The Power of ‘Doing’ Human Understanding. It moved me and I kept it with the intent to re-read it from time to time, which I have, and share its message with others, which I am doing today.  The four-points highlighted:  The missing link in healthcare is […]


Visit Your Values often and reflect on what you bring to the table. Assess how are your perceived at work. Consider your interaction with others.  Breath Right and embrace self-nurture; everyone needs recharging. You are no different.  When You Care, Show It because it mirrors who you are on your team. It positively impacts your […]

The Pendulum Swings

Happy Friday! Life is meant to be eventful, even hard at times. When life events hit us hard, we feel defeated and ready to give up. When you get to that point, STOP.  Take a deep breath and step away. Take time to be in the moment, embrace your thoughts, and bring out the positive. […]

Attitude is Everything

Attitude is Everything Through the years, raising our sons I advocated this belief system to them. One can be the smartest teacher, lecturer, lawyer, doctor, businessperson, but if the attitude and “bedside manner” are left to be desired (to put it mildly), in the long run the IQ is not going to make up for […]

A Strong Foundation

Whenever we work towards a goal whether writing a book, pursuing a degree, launching a business, starting a new career, or re-kindling an old passion, deep inside we expect a return on that investment or ROI. At times, it may seem daunting, defeating, impossible to attain, or you feel simply out of our league. I […]


Strong relationships only happen when there is respect and buy-in on both sides. At the end of the day, when two parties arrive to an agreement as the result of negotiations, each of them should leave the table feeling that they have a fair gain in the deal made. Only then, can a long-lasting relationship […]

The Encounter

Recently, I had an encounter. It was towards the end of one of those weeks, EMR issues, no patient records, staff shortages, lots of charts piling up…life is different for us all, and your situation will fit your struggles, but you know what I am talking about. Because of the challenges, once again, my first […]

The Bean

Although I took this photo from a coffee sack, every time I see it, I think of my profession – Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialist – and how blessed I am to be one of the few who evaluate the new miracles of life, the growing “bean” in a woman’s body, and the ginormous potential it holds. […]