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Last November I read an article from NRC Health: The Power of ‘Doing’ Human Understanding. It moved me and I kept it with the intent to re-read it from time to time, which I have, and share its message with others, which I am doing today. 

The four-points highlighted: 

The missing link in healthcare is understanding – and addressing – what matters to each patient as a unique person.

Whether looking across the country or within organizations, people who feel that they were treated as unique view the experience and delivery of care as markedly better.

Human Understanding matters, and not just conceptually: There is real ROI (Return of Investment) as demonstrated in the relationship with both NPS (Net Promoter Score = metric used for customer experience) and loyalty.

Stratifying the Human Understanding data by demographic groups offers a valuable lens on disparities, as human understanding is integral to health equity. The same goes for our daily interactions.

Behind each one of us there is a story. What is yours? 

Dr. Luissa K

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