Good Intentions

We all love to start something new, exciting, inspiring, life-altering. For example, imagine it’s New Year’s and you decide to make fitness a priority. You mentally prepare for it, set up on Day 1, get ready the night before, and go at it first thing that morning.  On Day 1 the alarm goes off, you […]

The harder we fall, the taller we rise

Often, we hone in a goal, we fail, we learn, we grow. Repeat.  I urge you to jump in. Start something new. Tackle something you tried before and did not succeed. Don’t be afraid to being ridiculed, looked down on, or considered a failure.  Dream grand. Keep falling. Dust off and rise again in silent […]

Every early morning, I drive by this art wall

And, every single time my mind goes to myself, to you who reads these lines, and to all of the humans out there going through life. Because, each one of us possess these traits, whether unrecognized, not yet brought to the light, in the process of self-discovery, or facing the “AHA!” moment of insight.  So, […]

We all make Mistakes

What comes next is more important. To analyze, assess what went wrong, and plan how not to repeat it when it presents itself in the future. Most significantly though, it takes strength and humility to own our mistakes. Accepting and owning our own vulnerability makes us better humans.  Facebook Twitter LinkedIn