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Trauma, Triumph, and the Making of an American Doctor

She had nothing: language, identity, means of survival, or support nearby. Yet she persevered, overcame, and achieved her dream of becoming a doctor. This story of overcoming will empower women with a message of hope no matter their circumstance.


“ . . . the walls I had raised within my soul were built out of something stronger than brick and mortar and meant to protect the single most beautiful seedling left: hope. A belief that one day I could achieve the only dream left unbroken, unspoiled, unhurt. These walls were built out of my beautiful childhood and adolescence in Romania, the daily normalcy, the simple truths, the sun’s bright light, the wishes made with every New Moon—Craiul Nou. The multicolor of the fragrant roses I strolled by, the green of the trees I rested under, the dewy grass I walked on barefoot by the riverbanks of the Danube, the church mass songs I prayed, the Habanera aria I hummed, the carefree laughs, and the peaceful, dreamy nights. All these experiences intertwined with the love poured over me for the first eighteen years and eleven months of my life in Romania to keep me from crumbling. And once everything seemed lost, I created anchors in my new life: the 59-second lifelines with Mom, the letters, the recipes, the college classes, my little Suzette, the two brief trips home. These experiences continued to feed my living walls to keep me sane, focused, and hopeful. This was meant to be my walk through the valley of the shadows, and I would make it to the other side.”

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Trauma, Triumph, and the Making of an American Doctor.

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