One Month to Book Launch!


Mark your calendars! On February 13, 2024, our highly anticipated book is finally going live! It’s an electrifying moment we’ve all been eagerly awaiting. Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of captivating thoughts and riveting narratives. Don’t miss out on the excitement!

Reaching this milestone has been an immense journey of mind, heart, and body. Yet, this is merely the opening chapter of our story. From writing, publishing, to marketing. One step at a time!

Arriving to this point has been monumental – mentally, emotionally, physically. And… this is only the beginning.

Getting a book published is a challenging task. The publishing types include traditional, hybrid, and self-publishing, and I opted for hybrid. The reasons were quicker publication time, control over creative and decision-making processes, and retaining my book rights.

Working with the publisher, we teamed up for production, publishing, and marketing, adhering to strict deadlines. All decisions were mine, with no room for errors post-publication. Juggling this with a medical practice, a full-time job, and family life was challenging, but worth the struggle.

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