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Push, then Breathe: Amazon Bestseller

Dr. Luissa K gives reader’s the greatest gift: herself. “Push, then Breathe” takes you on a journey from dreams to devastation and tragedy to triumph. Her authenticity and vulnerability come through the pages into your soul. Do you need hope in the depths of a pit? Dr. K will lift you out with her story of never giving up on a dream.

Push, Then Breathe

Trauma, Triumph,

and the Making of an American Doctor

Dr. Luissa Kiprono



One Goal - Become a Women's Physician

In 1987, at age 18, I came to America...

Where I mastered a new language, a new system, a new way of life.

Women's leader on a quest to encourage and empower

Push, then Breathe

A light-above-darkness life story that will inspire you to find your greatness through positive transformation.

- The only limits are the ones you impose on yourself

- Never give in; small steps forward reap rewards

Embrace the Possibilities

Overcome and Influence the World

Your World

Women's physician, author, motivational speaker and life coach. Daughter, wife and mother.

trauma survivor

Welcome to the Journey!

I'm Luissa Kiprono,

My professional story...

Helping people has inspired and fueled me since a young age. Becoming a women's physician, first an obstetrician-gynecologist, then Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialist has helped me attain this goal for the past twenty years.

Let’s get started. Who am I? Dr. Luissa K, a women’s doctor & healer of souls.

The desire to help people inspired and fueled me from a young age. Becoming a women’s physician—first an obstetrician-gynecologist, and then a maternal-fetal medicine specialist—has allowed me to fulfill this desire over the past twenty years.

When I cared for patients of all ages and from all walks of life, through my residency and fellowship, in academia, as a military doctor, and later in private practice, I discovered a privilege incomparable with anything I had ever experienced: the power of doing good, making a difference in peoples’ lives, and helping them regain something that most of us mistakenly take as status quo, our health.

Thirty-six years ago, one month shy of turning nineteen years old — a refugee from former Communist Romania — you could say that I was born again. I gained resilience, experienced the rollercoasters of a new journey, mastered a new language, a new system, and a new way of life.

One thing remained steadfast through it all: my desire to help people heal. And I started to realize that people need emotional and spiritual healing as well as the physical, organic form. This realization led me to my next chapter, writing my first non-fiction book based on the first fifteen years of my reborn life. Having the tenacity to take this step meant coming full circle spiritually, making it my mission through my own vulnerability and life experience to help my fellow women and patients face their own fears, overcome perceived shortcomings, and pursue their inner value.

In the summer of 2022, when my employer’s practice closed its doors in San Antonio, I knew I had the opportunity of a lifetime. I could serve my two life missions: professionally, through my maternal-fetal telemedicine practice TeleMed MFM, https://telemedmfm.com/, I could make high-risk pregnancy care available to all women beyond borders or geographical limitations; and holistically through my book PUSH, THEN BREATHE: Trauma, Triumph, and the Making of an American Doctor and my platform Dr. Luissa K I could reach out to all women to join the quest for self-empowerment.

 I invite you to join in this search for self-empowerment, defining intentional presence, and resilience.

Dr. Luissa Kiprono, MBS, MBA 

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Women Leadership - Perseverance - Reproductive Rights


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Guest Speaker

Women Leadership - Perseverance - Reproductive Rights
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Push, then Breathe

Our bodies, our minds, our wellbeing are truly priceless

We are all born with limitless potential

Fearless, with amazing dreams