Visit Your Values often and reflect on what you bring to the table. Assess how are your perceived at work. Consider your interaction with others.  Breath Right and embrace self-nurture; everyone needs recharging. You are no different.  When You Care, Show It because it mirrors who you are on your team. It positively impacts your […]

We all make Mistakes

What comes next is more important. To analyze, assess what went wrong, and plan how not to repeat it when it presents itself in the future. Most significantly though, it takes strength and humility to own our mistakes. Accepting and owning our own vulnerability makes us better humans.  Facebook Twitter LinkedIn

It’s all in the Mind

Discipline you mind and your body will follow. I have yet to find something that comes easy, is worth something, and survives the test of time. The focus it takes to discipline our minds to go after a goal, a dream, is proportional with the magnitude of that project. When all goes well, the motivation […]