Good Intentions


We all love to start something new, exciting, inspiring, life-altering. For example, imagine it’s New Year’s and you decide to make fitness a priority. You mentally prepare for it, set up on Day 1, get ready the night before, and go at it first thing that morning. 

On Day 1 the alarm goes off, you wake up early morning am, all pumped and ready to bring it on; you have a great workout, and things look rosy. You feel good about yourself and what you’ve done for the remainder of that day 

On Day 7 the alarm goes off. You wake up feeling somewhat tired. You will myself out of bed, get dressed, lace your sneakers and there you go. You feel sluggish and sore, but manage to complete the workout. That day you feel… okay. 

On Day 14 the morning comes. When the alarm blasts you wake up annoyed. You are tired and the first thought that comes to mind is: “I could snooze it, just this one time, sleep a little longer, and shorten the workout.” Or even more likely: “I could skip today, only today, and get back at it tomorrow.” 

THAT my friend, is Good Intentions marking the beginning of the end of that endeavor.

As they say… The road to failure is filled with good intentions.

“Your thoughts; they become words.
  Your words; they become actions.
  Your actions; they become habits.
  Your habits; they become character.
  Your character; it becomes your destiny.”   — Lao-Tze

To lifelong commitments, 

Dr. Luissa K


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