Push, then Breathe

Trauma, Triumph, and the Making of an american doctor

Dr Luissa K

Doctor Luissa Kiprono

"Push, Then Breathe is a celebration of the human spirit....overcoming intense hardship and trauma with grace, resilience, and true grit."

Push, then Breathe: Amazon Bestseller

In her groundbreaking debut book, Push, Then Breathe, Dr. Luissa Kiprono uses her personal life experience of the trials and tribulations she faced from leaving Romania, coming to America, and starting a new life from the ground up. By sharing her escape to freedom and eventually becoming a successful doctor, she now imparts her knowledge to her readers on how to find their true, unlimited potential and live an empowered, thriving life.

Invest in yourself and get the inspiration you need to build a fullfiling and happier life.

What readers are saying about Push, then Breathe

"We may be marked by our past, but we are not defined by it. Despite circumstances, traumatic events, and seemingly insurmountable obstacles, Dr. Luissa K relentlessly pursued her own pathway. Now, with this book, she realizes the magnificent reality of doing something for others. Her story is compelling, and her life is authentic and inspiring. Accept her invitation to stop sifting through the ashes of the events of your life and follow her as a reliable guide to the construction of a new you. Her heroism and bravery are infectious. Catch them!”"

“ . . . Her journey provides a road map to all who suffer and offers a way out through a deep commitment to an inspirational vision.”

“Luissa’s inspiring story invites us to follow the life of a young and beautiful woman who is both tested and encouraged . . . “

“Push, Then Breathe challenges and inspires readers with its unflinching honesty and heartfelt grace . . .”

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